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JILINDE  PROJECT (life,business and covid-19)

Jilinde project is Capitalizing on Digital Awareness and Platform Economy During COVID19 Crisis is an initiative that introduces Tanzanian youths and SMEs to the platform economy by providing them with the relevant tools and resources during the COVID19 crisis. The initiative also targets using online and offline tools to create awareness.


The project is targeting three groups; young people who are looking for gigs after losing jobs, SMEs and Startups that are struggling to access markets and deliver services, and grassroots communities who lack accurate information about the COVID19 outbreak. 


The project carries Community Portal as an Information Portal for online users and offline users which is designed to simulate conversation with youths, especially over the Internet. It is easily accessible mostly to the public by using prominent social media platforms to provide accurate information about COVID19.


Also, there is a Business Portal that helps SMEs and Startups to gain knowledge on how to capitalize on digital platforms so that they can continue to operate during and after the COVID19 crisis. The platform is linked with social media tools and other logistics and value delivery tools.


You can access our Jilinde project portal here for more reference;

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