Ongea Project
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Ongea Project is a program designed to ignite critical thinking and dialogue among young people in school, higher learning institutions, and in the community. Also focused to capacitate high school teachers on the values and principles of Human Rights as they can mentors their students at schools on the same. So far we have reached 50 secondary schools, trained 20 teachers, and 30 young visual artists.


The project aims to train also young visual artists on how best they can use their talents in advocating for Human Rights through the use of visual arts like cartoons, drawings, and pictures.


It serves as the Youth platform for speaking and showcasing innovative solutions on various matters concerning the Human Rights challenges. It also serves as an environment where mindsets are being shaped and it is an opportunity to mold young minds in a pro-human right by imitating dialogues on topics that might have been accidentally ignored or deliberately overlooked.