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Young Visual Artist Human Rights Competition

‘Ongea Kijana’ is a Swahili word meaning Youth Speak Out. It aims to empower young visual artists to use their talents to speak out about various issues relating to human rights-based in a solutions-oriented manner. On realizing the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of fundamental human rights issues, a competition will be held for young visual artists to address issues, challenges, and solutions to the existing human rights agendas.

The competition is open to young visual artists to use their talents showcasing human rights issues. Artists are required to design, draw, display any visual information(short video clip with 5 minutes, drawing, pictures, animation) based on human rights among the selected themes required to be addressed.

The selected themes include Youth Active Participation on Decision Making, Gender Equality and Inclusiveness, Climate Change and Gender Crisis, Youth and Digital Rights/World, Youth and Gender Based-Violence (GBV), and Freedom of Expression. Hence each artist must fit their ideas and design on the mentioned topic.

You can submit your artwork here at Young Visual Artist Human Rights Competition

Submission date: Opens from 21st February 2022 till 07th March 2022 at 16:00 hours

For more information, please contact

Phone: +255 758 335 223

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